Sunday, June 11, 2006


There's something comforting about baking. At least that's how I feel. And it's not really about the end result. Hey I won't turn down a well baked muffin, or cookie.And I have been known to eat a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies on my own over a week or two.But baking is fun and creative. If more people baked and shared(Important that!) life would be better. Baking teaches precision and patience as well.Ask anyone who missed an ingredient in a cake if precision isn't important. And patience. Have you ever waited for bread dough to rise? Baking bread is an all day affair. Maybe more than a day if you are going for fancy breads or croissants.Gives you a different perspective on people who do it all day. Not to mention I bet if you bake your own croissants you will never again complain about the bakery prices! But really there's nothing like homemade. No matter how long it takes. Okay it's made with love expression is cheesy and trite, but there's something to it.

Thursday, June 1, 2006


Three of my favorite Friday things. There is little to compete with the joy of having a good baseball game on the tube, a medium double cheese with mushrooms and beef and the current favorite ice cream du jour. Talk about bliss. Now, I don't do this every Friday. Maybe once a month. It depends on the game, what my ice cream mood is, when was payday. The usual variables. If you are ever looking for pampering and relaxation try it. It doesn't have to be baseball, pizza and ice cream. It could be Football, fondue and cheesecake. Or how about soccer, French onion soup and creme brulee? Combine your favorite sport, comfort food and dessert. Hang out in your most comfortable clothes in front of the tube. Invite some friends. Or not. It's up to you. Trust me. It's great.