Friday, June 6, 2008

Saving the Earth

Or at least my little corner of it. Cause you gotta start somewhere.
Gardening has moved from a hobby to an obsession. I went overboard on the seeds too, but that's another post.
In order to help save the world I got a compost bin. Free from the city! Well, considering the taxes I pay, probably not, but they didn't ask me for any more money. Which is something.

N.B. I found out my property taxes are almost a higher percentage point than other larger and more wealthy cities in the same county. Amazing what the internet teaches us...Sigh.

I got interested in composting after reading The Four Season Harvest. Good all around gardening book. These people live in Maine and grow fresh veggies all year round! IN MAINE! Well, maybe grow isn't quite the right word, but they have fresh vegetables in December and January. So I thought why not me?

So after lusting after my neighbor's compost heap for a week, I got my own.

I started filling it that same day! Grass, leaves, twigs, eggshells, tea grounds, and I don't know what else.

So with time, patience and lots of grass, tea and eggs I will have a homemade soil supplement. Thanks to recycling and Mother Nature.

It's very cool. It's amazing what can be composted. Plant leaves, coffee grounds, grass clippings, dead squirrels,(haven't seen one yet) fruit cores, peanut shells, seaweed, even little rocks and shells.

And best of all it's pretty much free.