Wednesday, May 24, 2006

International Tiara Day

Wednesday was International Tiara Day. We celebrated at the library by wearing our very own fashionable paper tiaras. By that internationally known designer Crayola.I have learned today that if you wear a paper crown and act like it's no big deal people will accept it as normal.Well, okay not 'Normal', but they don't laugh and point and think it's strange. At least not in front of you. Well, to be fair I have gotten some strange looks.Most people have gotten a kick out of it so far. And it's a great conversation starter. Which just goes to show that if you have confidence you can do anything.Even wear a hand colored paper tiara at work. Not that I'd call it everyday wear, but for once in a while it's fun.The only downside is I forgot my camera.

Monday, May 1, 2006

Life lessons #1

It was an interesting week. I learned a lot actually. I wasn't even trying. Isn't that always the way? Anyway, what I learned. First and most important. Periodically check your credit card bills and figure out how much interest they are charging you. I was refiguring my budget and did this. I was appalled. American Express is getting away with highway robbery. I've adopted a new rule. If they are charging you more than 10% interest dump 'em and try something better. In this case brand loyalty is not a good thing. The second thing was being flexible in your travel destinations can net some awesome deals. Which was actually why I was checking the budget. A friend caught the travel bug and a cool deal came up going to Brussels. Yeah, first thought is Huh? But after I thought about it for a bit(and did some searching) it wasn't such an odd deal. It's one of the capitals of the European Union, so it's very cosmopolitan with some great night life. They are famous for waffles, beer and chocolate, you can go shopping for some lace, and maybe hit the Royal art museum or the Science museum. Not bad for a weekend package under $800.00. It's amazing what you learn on the internet. So it was a productive week. Vacation and saving money. Who can ask for better than that at the beginning of summer?