Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Garden again

I need a bigger yard. I have come to that realization. I find myself casting envious eyes toward the empty lot behind my house. I think things like, I could plant fruit trees and have a potato patch over there!
Which I can't do in my current yard. Well, not the trees. Maybe the potatos.
I ordered seeds so I can 'do it right' this year with the garden. (All organic, thankyouverymuch)
I already have my herb seeds planted and am waiting for the first sign of sprouts.
In case you are wondering I have rosemary, fennel, basil, 2 kinds of parsley, oregano, and lavender.
For the veggies I ordered tomatos, peppers, and spinach. No eggplant yet.
I really thought about strawberries. And I still want onions and potatos. I just don't know where to put them!!!!!
I need a bigger yard.
I wonder if my neighbors really need that fence.....