Friday, April 11, 2008

Baseball commissioner idea 1

Well, my campaign is off to a slow start. I suppose that's the problem with a grass roots campaign.
In order to be fully versed in baseball when I take over, I have learned how to score games. That's only the first part. I've got feelers out for salary caps and I am recruiting my staff.

I also have outlined my drug testing timeline. Every major leaguer must be tested 5 times a year.
The first time is when they report to spring training. The second is the beginning of the season. Not any later than the last week of April.
Then we have testing before the All-Star game. The fourth time will be in September. And of course after the season ends. If your team makes the post season you get tested for that too.
If you test positive then there's another test by an independent company to make damn sure it was a real positive not a fake one.
Then if it is a real one, Suspension and fines. For the player. The team gets a fine. And the player gets to go to rehab counseling.
Yeah, it seems harsh, and I fully expect the union and the owners to kick up a fuss, but as everyone keeps saying baseball isn't just a game it's a business. Well, every business I've worked for has a very strict policy about using drugs. Some you get fired for, others there is mandatory drug counseling and 'leave' time.
So if you want to be a relevant business in the 21st century you need to have 21st century business policies.
I ain't here to be anyone's hero. I am here because someone needs to play the heavy. Hey, Cardinal Richelieu wasn't anyone's hero, but no one argued with his organizational skills and his methods.

Graduate School

Well, it finally happened. After taking classes and working for years in a library I applied to library school and got accepted.
I applied to another-less discrimating library school program-twice! I was cruelly rejected. Damn math scores. I'm not building bridges here people. Why do I need a 500 on the GRE in math to do ILL or catalog? It made no sense. And besides there's this wonderful invention called a calculator.
But this other school had a more sensible view. A 1000 combined on the GRE or a 3.0 GPA.
Now you might think that my school has a less respected program than the other one. But that is not the case. In fact my school is one of the highest respected MLIS programs around. Not to mention it's a tad more diverse than the one I was going to. It has more in the way of preservation, archives, and academic librarianship. Which is what I'm interested in anyway.
Now I just have to pay for it.