Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sound of Music

I haven't written much about the movie.  It has a few connections to the Schloss Leopoldskron.  The first is that Max Reinhardt's son bought the rights to the story and turned it into a movie, no not that one.  Then of course, Max Reinhardt owned the Schloss at one point.  Remember my office was his.  Or more accurately I use his office.  Which is cool since they filmed part of the movie here.  Yes, that one.  The musical one with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.
Mostly in the back by the lake. This is what you see mostly in the movie.
The canoeing scene is the most famous, but there were some exterior shots as well.
Today there was a SOM tour across the lake while we were out on the back patio after lunch.  It's sorta odd to be stared at by the tourists.   
I think we should wave and then break into song.  It's not like they can recognize us or anything.  The tourists are gonna take photos anyway.  But would be funny.  Especially if we all did the arm movements from "So Long Farewell"


I've spent a chunk of my day in the library(Thursday) cleaning it up.  Found a vacuum in the staircase, which shouldn't really be there.  The library is used more for storage of non-library materials than actually used.
But since I wanted to clean the rugs and blow some of the dust away I'm not complaining.  After all keep it clean is a tenet of preservation.  Maybe not the first rule or anything, but it helps.  Besides my allergies were bugging me. 
The first floor is done.  The Main library, the Chinese room, and McGowan.  There were lots of gravel pebbles, and other oddities.  Probably it gets tracked in on someone's shoes and is left here. 
Now I need a few buckets of Murphy's Oil Soap for the wood in this place.  That'd make it shine.  Probably help hydrate the wood too.  The place was built in the 1920's.
This isn't exactly my job in the library, but I feel that someone has to care enough to do all the little things as well as the major stuff.  I mean my office is crammed with books to be cataloged, old books no one needs, duplicate materials, mail and session archives.  A lot of major projects that it's almost too much to take in.  I've been making lists everyday and still not doing everything.  Yes, cleaning was on the master list.  So it's good.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I haven't written much about the library my first week here. It's not that I haven't been doing stuff here. I have. It's just there's so much to do in the library, it can be, and is a little overwhelming at times. That's compounded by the fact that they are doing some construction to expand the emergency exit areas in the schloss.

I have to move boxes of stuff out of the office hallway for storage so that the construction guys can take down the shelves and the wall for the exit expansion. Glad I brought the Ipod. Reminds me of the old Div days. Although it's not that bad.

I have some major shifting to do, because of the construction. As well in the library itself. There's just not a lot of room to grow on the first floor. But the library is a bit stagnant in it's collection at the moment. Luckily I can shift up. I just have to figure out what to shift to the second floor.                                                                  
Then I have cataloging to do. Some groups give books to the library for their sessions. Those materials do get used. I have two ranges of shelves in the law area to integrate into the collection this week. More Dewey decimal. Joy. Well, like I said I can cheat on some of the records.

I found a space in my office to put the to be cataloged books, as soon as I move the session materials off the bookshelf and into boxes for storage. It's not enough storage in the office for all of the books, but it's a start. It's better than when I got here.

And it's easier than trekking them in and out of the library to the office to do. I've been hoping to make this more of a working office than a storage spot for stuff. The boss offered me another bookcase for the office, which I may take. I'm just not sure where it would go!

I've also been making a list of the children and young adult books that the library inherited at different points throughout the years. Some are books I had as a kid. Like Ramona the Pest, King of the Wind, Huck Finn, and the Hardy Boys. Some I've never heard of. The Famous Five, for instance (which is a British series). I wish we could have a book sale. The library needs the money. But most, if not all the books are in English, which makes it more challenging. If they were in German it would be easier to get rid of them. I have a few ideas of where to go for sales. It would be so much easier to set up a used book account on some site. But our problem is that the shipping would outstrip the money we'd get in selling them on the Internet. Once I clear up the YA stuff and make some space on the bookshelf, I'm turning my attention to the desks. There are two. It's got lots of extra bits that can be organized a little better for workflow.

Then the archive problem. God help me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Food and drink

Finally got to the cafe deal today. After hiking the fortress, again, we stopped at a cafe in the Old Town. Very ladylike. Which is always fun. But they had on their menu Sachertorte. Oh yum. Tea and chocolate cake in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. And it's a very pretty cake too. Plus this place sells real French macaroons. I have to go back. Love those....
Saturday night we went to the Augustiner Braustubl. Reminded me a bit of a baseball park in the concession area. You browse the stand, choose your food(sausage with baked potato and really good mustard) get your beer(because that's what it is, a beer hall) and find a seat. Lots of families, locals, and some tourists.
It was an Augustinian monastery, so they brew their own beer. You get it filled from a wooden cask after you rinse your mug out at the fountain. Not bad beer, if you like beer. Huge place. It's the largest beer garden in Austria.
It's a wonderful place to people watch. And the stone mugs are just fun.


Climbed to the fortress this weekend. Twice! It's very interesting. High on the hill, it's the symbol of Salzburg. The fort, or in German Festung, was never taken by force in it's 1,000 year history. Came close once, but that was more lack of food than overpowering armies climbing the walls. Because of it's position it can defend itself against a vastly superior force on the ground. The Festung is one reason that Salzburg remained an independent city-state until the Congress of Vienna in 1815. That and the whole salt mining deal.
This photo is taken from the very top of the fort on the viewing platform. Dizzying heights, and windy, but a great view of the city and the river basin.
It's extremely good exercise to climb the hill to the fort. Just like climbing a mountain, except no snow. But my knees aren't always happy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fresh country air

They tell me spring is coming in this part of Austria. I'm taking their word for. It's cold and damp most of the time, although sunny. The most reliable indicator of spring here is not the buds on the trees, the sunshine, the blooming daffodils, or even the melting snow. It is apparently the faint but unmistakable smell of good old fashioned fertilizer.
Yes, the farmers are working the land, turning over the soil and adding manure to the fields. It's the good fresh country air, so they tell me.
Honestly it's not that bad. Hey if that means spring is coming I can live with it.
Had enough winter for a while, so come on spring!
P.S.  went out to the back of the schloss after lunch and saw daffodils.  So spring is peeking around the corner.  Yay!

Working for the weekend

I play tourist on the weekend since the city pretty much closes up shop about 6 or so here. The weekend(okay Saturday) is when you can hit the tourist sights and really enjoy the city. Sundays, only the tourist areas are open and not a lot of shops overall. The grocery stores are closed too on Sundays, which to this city kid is odd. Have to plan ahead for Sunday dinner here.
Have made a list of things to do. I crossed off the Festung today. Also I got to tag along on a walking tour of Salzburg for the new session participants. That was very interesting. I really enjoyed walking through the mountain and seeing St. Peter's cemetery. For all you SOM(Sound of Music) fans that's the inspiration for the scene in the movies where the family is hiding in the cemetery in the locked caves. They recreated that on a soundstage, 'cause...cemetery. It's still used to this day. Wonderfully peaceful and artistic there. We even saw the archbishop today.
I like the Geteridegasse as well. The main shopping street in Salzburg from way back. Now there's places like Hermes, Vuitton and McDonald's, but they kept up the wrought iron signs that advertised the business. Probably the classiest Mickey D's sign you'll ever see.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The ducks

In the lake behind the schloss we have fish and ducks. I have no complaints about the fish, but the ducks are a little territorial. Even barbaric at times. At the moment they are quacking up a storm under my office window.
And you should see them after lunch! Well, if I can figure out the video part of my new camera you probably will.
But the ducks are cute and very funny. So we can put up with a few quirks.

Friday, March 25, 2011

What's down the pike

The Untersberg is clouded a bit. I think that's a warning. Closer to the ground it's a wonderful day. Bright and warm.
Just came back from doing the mail and papers. We get the Financial Times, the International Herald Tribune and a few magazines. I really should make time to read them everyday.
I also finished packing all the session materials into storage boxes, since there is some construction going on here and they needed that wall where they lived. Well, actually they needed the space where the wall is.
There's still shelving and shifting to be done after lunch. I still have the YA lists to finish, but it's coming along.
I wish we could have a book sale for this stuff. No, it's not current, but certainly interesting to some young readers. Besides the library needs the money.
Busy weekend ahead. There's session people coming in and there will be lots of activities happening. Some of the sessions sound interesting.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The library dayz

Been spending my days in the library, of course. Tuesday I cleaned out some more stuff in the library office. Found some interesting stuff, but nothing valuable and historic. Although there was this little crystal cat...and of course the photo of the Prince of Wales. Signed I might add. Dusty, dirty stuff.
Then there was the books. I'm really not a fan of Dewey. I so miss LC. Ah well. Nothing's perfect. I can cheat a bit on some of the things, because they already have records, so I can hijack the numbers. Others go into a 'later' pile. Also sorting out filing cabinets, archive stuff, and adjusting to a routine.
The thing I miss most right now is a real book truck. I have a stopgap measure someone found today. It's more of an AV cart but at least I can stack things on it. Saw some of the archives stuff. It's not as bad as I feared. We need some boxes and folders so I can start getting control of it.
Found some dupes of stuff that I have to find homes for. And I still don't know where to put the new books.
I want it near the library office, but that's gonna be a major shifting project. Problem is the first level is pretty full to begin with.
Ah it'll come. Only my 3rd day, so I have to be patient. I can't do everything at once.
Went for a walk after work to relax. Circled the lake. It's kind of a nice view from across the lake. Lots of guys fishing the lake. And the ducks were out. Did I mention the ducks yet? Lots of them here. Different ones too.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seeing Salzburg

I have not been holed up in the library in my almost week here. I've gone out to Salzburg a few times. I had to register with the town officials yesterday afternoon. The town hall is in Schloss Mirabelle. The gardens are lovely. Sunday, as you know, I went to Gaisberg with some of the other interns.
Saturday, Lisa and I went to the market in the center of the old town. That was fun. They have these market stalls in town everyday. Meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, and other things. I got a chocolate pretzel. Oh yum. There's also one with chocolate and jam.
I needed to get a new digital camera, cause mine went all blooey. So Lisa pointed me in the right direction and I did find a shop that had them. You saw the photos, so I think good choice. I walked back past the Dom(the cathedral here) where Mozart played the organ and was baptised. And then I passed the giant modern sculpture of a Man standing on a Mozartklugel ball. So far so good. Then I got lost, as expected.
I couldn't figure out what street led back to the schloss. Finally I gave up and took a cab. But I did see lots of the city. Shops, bridges, stairs, the Dom again, the river and back. It was very frustrating.
Plus all the interns had made plans to go out to the Steigl Brauwelt that's down the street and I wanted to go. Hard to do when you're lost near the cathedral. But I made it back. Oh forgot to mention I found a tea shop. Happy happy! I bought some loose tea(it's really good) a tea mug(Dress Gordon tartan pattern!) and a tea strainer.
We headed out to the Brauwelt down the street. It's the old Steigl brewery, that's now a restaurant and museum. It was a birthday celebration so we all had a good time.

First day

Monday was my first day, officially, of work. I got signed into the office computer, unlocked the doors and got down to library science.

It's sorta inspiring being in this office. I mean if I get bored or frustrated I just swivel around in my chair and look out the window.
Made a few lists of things I need to do. Dusting is there. Which means I'll see the mountain better. I'm going to clear some space for a Max Reinhardt area in the library proper. Lots of his stuff is crammed into the nooks in the office and he deserves better. Kinda thinking he needs a little exhibit. We like Max around here.

I got my first resource assignment for a session! I have a bunch of reports, articles and links to organize for an upcoming seminar on agriculture. I will admit to being a bit overwhelmed at first since I wasn't sure at all how to do it. But with some help that was a phone call away I got started on it.
Also I learned that the stuff in the Meierhof is also part of the library, so I'll organize some time to shelve and do some serial sorting. Two separate spaces, same library.
I also have to shelve and shelf read in the library space. Plus dust off the shelves. It's a bit sneezy in some spots.

So going to be busy for a while.

There's research to be done and lists to be made. Also books to catalog(damn Melvil Dewey)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Larry's adventures in Austria

Lest you think I forgot! Yes, Larry came with me to Salzburg. In fact he even climbed the Gaisberg with us on Sunday.
He was very excited about climbing his first mountain. He realized very quickly that he wasn't quite in the same shape as the Austrians, and very much wanted those cool poles that they had to help them up the paths. But alas, realized that they are really pointy on the ends, and he's not fond of sharp objects, being a rather thin skinned cucumber. So we found him a nice plain wooden stick.
He made it all the way to the top. Despite the short legs.

My work space

Here's my library for the next few months. It's an amazing space. The first photo is my office. It used to belong to Max Reinhardt. Following in his footsteps. It's such a great space. And the best part of it is the view out the window. The mountain is called the Untersberg.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunny days

No, all the clouds were not chased away today, but the sun was out. Which was nice. It's been a while since the sun was out.
I finally managed to get photos of the schloss' exterior and some of the interior. Right before we left for Gaisberg.
Some of these views may seem familiar. I wonder if you can pinpoint exactly why. A present from the Schloss for the first person who knows. And when I say exactly I mean the chapter and verse(so to speak.)


We had made plans to hike the Gaisberg today. So we did. It's a small mountain(a really tall hill) here not far from the Schloss Leopoldskron. It tops off at about 1200 meters which equals a bit over 4,000 feet. The upper paths had snow on them still. Now I know why all the Austrian walkers had those poles...luckily I found a sturdy stick to help along.
It took us about 3 hours to climb, well hike. But we stopped to rest and take photos along the way. It was an amazing day. The sun was out and mostly clear. The mountains we could see are just awesome.
And when we stopped at points higher up, all you could hear was the snow and ice melting. Really. The silence there was just so peaceful.
We made it to the very top! And have the photos to prove it. Plus Larry came along. Yes, he made it to the summit, and insisted on photographic proof. Which I will be adding.
It was a really amazing day. Not just the scenery and the walking, but the company.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Austria adventure

I took the plunge and went to Austria, Salzburg to be exact, for a few months. Because life is just too short to waste it.
I am interning at the Salzburg Global Seminar in the library there.
I arrived on Thursday. Jet lag ruled for a while. Well until Friday evening. Adjusting nicely now.
Settled into my room. It's not a bad space. A little too much IKEA for my personal tastes, but comfortable. It's the bed that is hard to adjust to. A bit small after the queen sized Stickley at home.
I worked a bit on Friday in the library. I have my own office in the library that looks out over the mountains. Very pretty. The library is a great space, but underused. Well it's something to work on.
Met the other interns here slowly. Which is nice. All are fun and interesting. I'm really enjoying getting to know them.
I've been indulging what Dad and my grandfather would call the 'Shand nose' by walking around the schloss. Oh, did I mention that my internship is in a palace? While I am not staying in the schloss, my office is there. So I've been doing some exploring of the place. It's seriously beautiful. Now that I have a new digital camera(the old one mysteriously died) I can start posting photos of the schloss and the grounds.
The Meierhof(where I stay) is great too. More modern, as you can see. Also has a kitchen, a gym, a small cafe, and a hang out room for interns.
Also saw some of Salzburg on Saturday. Got seriously lost. Sigh. But that too will get better.