Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yes, it's not really spring yet. And from where I am sitting, probably won't be until Memorial Day. There's still feet of snow in my yard. I wish I could remember where the storm drain grate was, and I'd uncover it to help drain the melt water faster. There's a small pond in my driveway. All I need is koi at this point.

Did you all see that the groundhog said early spring? Yeah right. Poor rodent. Like there was any sun that day. Nobody saw their shadow let alone a poor sleep deprived groundhog. He had to get his sleep cycle all screwed up when everyone knows that the real harbinger(my word of the day)of spring is PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT!

Are there four more beautiful and hopeful words in any language? I can't think of any off hand.
I mean I get all excited when the Boston Globe does it's annual Truck Day reporting. Yes, a bit crazy, but pitchers and catcher report...that's joy. And any player who reports early? It's just an added bonus.

At this time of year I long for two things, bright spring flowers and baseball. I check my garden(when I can see it) for the signs of my bulbs popping and watch the sports channels for baseball reports.
Once my cable company started carrying the MLB Network, February got so much more interesting.
And March gets better when they start showing actual spring training games.