Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rainbows and ice cream

I had to go into Edinburgh for a meeting at the National Museum Scotland(NMS) for my project placement meeting recently.
Part of the program I'm in, requires you to choose an internship and work for the year.  I chose the Scottish Life Archives, that's part of the National Museum.

I checked out the Mary, Queen of Scots exhibition.  It was really interesting.  I recommend going to it, if you can(hurry it closes soon!)  I think my favorite object were the pendants.  One was a poodle and the other was an elephant. There were nice, sort of everyday kinds of jewelry.

Since the day was amazing, I followed a classmate's advice and went up to the roof terrace after my meeting, and boy was I glad I did.
There were rainbows all over Edinburgh.  There weren't brief, washed out rainbows.  This was vivid and with a perfect arch disappearing into the cloud bank and re-emerging.  After seeing it I understood why people believe it leads somewhere.  I don't remember seeing a rainbow that vivid. You saw all the colors and the progression. 

I won't say I followed the rainbow, but after I left the museum I wandered toward Edinburgh Castle and ended up on the Greenmarket, which is behind the Castle.  I was thrilled actually, because another classmate had told me about this gelato place, called Mary's Milk Bar.  I will say the gelato is amazing.

I had the rose and dark chocolate with another scoop of Peruvian 64% dark chocolate.  This woman knows what she's doing with gelato.  There are no words for how good this stuff is.  All I can say is if you are around Edinburgh, go.  Hell, I'd make a special trip.