Friday, August 17, 2007

Life lesson 5

Here's another life lesson.
Never, ever wear a silk suit in the rain without a slicker or an umbrella.
Why I have to learn these things the hard way is beyond me. But to be fair, I didn't think it was going to rain that hard until I got off the subway.
I did know it was going to rain, so I brought my trenchcoat. I mean what's the weather channel for if you don't watch it for the important things like baseball, travel and interview weather?
But, honestly, no one on the weather channel said it was going to rain hard enough to soak through my coat and down to the skin.
There ought to be a special interview weather report. Maybe a special channel. Not only will they tell you the weather, but break it down into hours. And even give advice on what to wear for the weather. Like at 10 it's going to pour so don't wear silk. Or if you have to wear those high heeled boots remember there's ice on the sidewalks. That's helpful stuff.
So you don't look like an idiot during the first hour of your interview wearing a half soaked silk suit.
I wonder if I can hold the weather channel responsible if I don't get this job?