Friday, April 11, 2008

Graduate School

Well, it finally happened. After taking classes and working for years in a library I applied to library school and got accepted.
I applied to another-less discrimating library school program-twice! I was cruelly rejected. Damn math scores. I'm not building bridges here people. Why do I need a 500 on the GRE in math to do ILL or catalog? It made no sense. And besides there's this wonderful invention called a calculator.
But this other school had a more sensible view. A 1000 combined on the GRE or a 3.0 GPA.
Now you might think that my school has a less respected program than the other one. But that is not the case. In fact my school is one of the highest respected MLIS programs around. Not to mention it's a tad more diverse than the one I was going to. It has more in the way of preservation, archives, and academic librarianship. Which is what I'm interested in anyway.
Now I just have to pay for it.

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