Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Earth

Yes, it's true. We only have one planet in this solar system that's fit for life. And if you can't recycle damnit you need to leave!
Go screw up some other planet. I hear Venus has lots of real estate going cheap.

I have become more conscious about garbage and recycling in the past few months. Really since the compost heap thing. I can't believe the amount of trash I have since I started using it. I put out my trash can( I only have one) once a month. Honest.
So in the compost heap it's food items, like tea leaves, eggshells, veggie peelings like from carrots and eggplants, apple cores, and moldy bread. Also there's dead plants from the garden, grass clippings, mulch from last year, leaves, a few rocks and some twigs. You can compost anything but meat and bones(animals like that.) Although the birds liked the old rolls.
I recycle my cans and bottles, although I cut back on my soda consumption and am buying local soda. Polar Ginger Ale, yum. I recycle most of my paper/mail. It's amazing how these little things cut back on what you toss.
It's really just a slight variation in your routines and you are creating soil, reducing energy consumption, and supporting local business.
Try it. Eat local and compost.
It does wonders for your (planet's) health.

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