Monday, October 14, 2013

News and views

I know it's been a while.  I don't have any real excuse, like I was studying or working on an essay(although some of that is true.)
I did work on an essay. 2500 words max.  I chose the topic Research and Scholarship as an important function in museums.  I know it was shocking.  I hope it was good, but I'm not the most important opinion in this equation.  I got 2300 words out of it, and could have written way more on the programmic or archival part.  Again shocking.  Apparently, I was not that out of practice.

And I have been studying.  Mostly for the essay. 

Well, for Scotland news it's pretty cool, still.  I haven't been really homesick.  I do miss certain parts of home.  Modern Pizza, my bed, my paycheck...yeah that one I really miss.  Also fish with friends and going apple picking. 

Even though I haven't left St. Andrews to go touring I have explored a lot of it.  I think I have found all the second hand shops in this city.  There are a lot of them.  I had fish and chips and Indian food.  Not the same day though. I baked for class, and that was well received.  My chocolate hazelnut biscotti. 

I went to the 'golf' side of town.  The Old Course, the golf museum, and I saw West Sands.  I also went to the aquarium.  It's small, and the displays are dated, but they do a good job overall.  They have a small shark tank and seals and penguins.  The Amazon area is well done, except for the models of the animals.  They are oddly positioned.  But the highlight were the meerkats.  They are impossibly cute.  I don't know why the aquarium has desert animals, but I didn't care.

Last week I walked to the Botanic Garden.  That was nice.  I really liked that.  Lots of paths.  Their herb garden was cool, and they even had apple and pear trees there.

I walked the Fife Coastal Path on Sunday.  Went pretty far down. Great views out to sea. 

Tomorrow for school we go to the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I love Edinburgh and haven't been to the National museum yet.

So these are a few views.  The first one is my view on Sunday finishing my paper.  I was doing citations, so celebrating a bit early, but I deserved it.  The second one is a shot from the apple orchard at the Botanic Garden.  I walked on the pier this week and the sea was acting up.  Lots of fun to see.  Cold when you got wet!  And the final two are views on the Fife Coastal Path. 

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