Sunday, March 2, 2014

Roots, family, golf courses, and Facebook photos

Some of you know that I'm partially Scottish in descent.  On my dad's side.  Which is one reason I chose to apply and finally go to school in St. Andrews.  I walk past Makar's Court on my way to my internship at National Museums Scotland and the quote that always stops me is, "my roots in the soil of Alba."  Well, that and the Scott quote.  "This is my own, my native land."  Sort of. 

I knew there were distant cousins who lived here(well, in the ancestral towns) but didn't have their addresses.  I contacted my aunt(thanks Cookie!) and she gave me my cousin Kath's e-mail.
Kath and Liz are cousins on the Milne(my paternal grandmother) side. 

We got in touch and went back and forth via e-mail.  I found out later, that Kath was Facebook stalking me, but that's what it's for!
Last week we went to lunch at the St. Andrews golf links clubhouse.  Lovely time, good food, great views.
I met them and their husbands Chic and Brian.  They are lovely people.  Welcoming, kind, funny, and fun.  But then again, they're Scottish and they're family.  So what else would you expect? 
I'm going to go to Forfar to see the auld town and also hopefully get to Arbroath, where my grandfather was born. They offered to escort me.  Both are in Angus, so it's not terribly far. 

We also had after lunch drinks at The Jigger Inn.  Now that's a pub! 
I found out that one can walk on the Old Course(Sundays only thank you).  I also found out(this week) that they play golf on the New Course on Sundays, so be careful!  I also learned that every hole on the Old Course has a name.  I thought that odd.  Some make sense.  Like the 17th.  The Road Hole.  Because it's on the road.  Others not so much.

It's a nice walk.  And spring is coming.  That's what snowdrops mean here. So I got out and enjoyed the snowdrops and the hills of the Old Course.

You have to have this photo, if you come to St. Andrews, thanks to Kath, Liz, Brian, and Chic I am fulfilling the sacred bond.  Ha!  It's really important if you like golf. Here I am on the Swilcan Burn Bridge.  With family. We look good.
The new Facebook photo is from that day.  It was a good day.

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