Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogging from the field

All in all getting to London was fine. Not saying there weren't problems. First was finding the bus station. It's not well marked, but that's what information desks are for.
Had to wait in a long line. And it was a Friday. In the summer, when the Mets were playing the Yankees. So traffic....

Drove around JFK for a while too. But I expected that. Everyone else with a flight time around mine was freaking out. But to be fair they were going much further away than Europe.
Waited in line for what seemed like forever to check in. As the minutes ticked away those of us in line realized we were going to cut it close, so we asked one of the traffic directors about the 3 bag drop windows, the 2 premiuem economy windows and the 1 economy window with the longest line that wasn't moving at all.
They got us moving. They had to ask who was on the 6:15 flight and sort us out.
Got through security 10 minutes before my plane boarded. And of course they boarded my rows first. So I barely had time to use the bathroom before getting on the plane. Next time I fly Virgin Atlantic I have to spring for premium economy. Not just for the extra lines too. Free newspapers and larger seats.
Let's just say no one's legs are that short....

Couldn't wait to get off the plane. And not just because I wanted to get to my hotel.
But that's the next installment.

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