Monday, May 17, 2010

Prague backstory

For those of you who may not know why I am going to Prague here's a little history.
I heard about studying overseas from a classmate and jumped on that bandwagon right quick.
I had some tough decision making when I thought there would be a trip to Oxford as well as Prague. Love Oxford. But Prague is cheaper(20 koruna to 1 USD.) and I've never been to the Czech Republic.
Those were the deciding factors. That and the fact that there will be slightly different views on technology and freedom of information in Prague than in England.

So I planned the trip by hanging out in the travel section of Barnes and Noble. I talked to people who had been there. After all people are your best resources. And everyone had the same reaction. You'll love it.

I harassed the UNC people about the website and the prices. I wrote the tuition check in December and started hunting for flights.

So now I have one week to go.

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