Friday, May 28, 2010

Cesky Krumlov

After we left Zlata Koruna we headed to the island hill town of Cesky Krumlov. It's a UNESCO site and very touristy, but overall amazing.

Our hosts took us to lunch at and we had chicken and pickled vegetables and potatos. The food here is very potato and meat heavy, but amazingly good. As was the Czech wine I had.
Most everyone had beer, but a few people enjoyed the real sugar in the Coca Cola. After lunch I found a gelato stand and wandered the town. Being a Bohemian fortress town there are lots of hills there. I walked up the castle there, but didn't go in. I'd prefer to see Prague castle instead. And to be honest I was more interested in shopping. I found a nice teapot, some lace and looked in all the jewelery store windows. There is a LOT of amber and garnet here. Plus some interesting jewel called Moldovite from a meteor or something. It's only found in the south of the Czech lands.

All the streets are cobblestones, so it's a bit hard on the feet. Not to mention the angles of the streets. The views are really nice and as it's an island town a lot of the restaurants have terraces that sit on the water.

We met our hosts at this really interesting medieval house that's a traditional Bohemian restaurant. Very good food. The potato pancakes are awesome here. And there was this blueberry dumpling dessert thing that defies words.
I am learning poppy seeds, potatos, blueberries, pork and cabbage have been staples of Czech food for centuries.

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