Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More from my first day in Prague

After lunch and walking around(we saw the Charles Bridge and crossed about halfway before returning to the hotel, we got down the business. Check in to the hotel, finding places to eat and navigating some in the city block we are on. Meeting people. We had a class meeting about 8. They gave us our packets and the final schedule. If we had any questions, where to meet and some advice. It was good.

The really exciting part was the Czech Hockey team. They played a final game in some world hockey final against the Russian team. They beat the Russian 2-1. The horns woke me up. It seems like every horn in Prague on a car works. They were still yelling in the streets this afternoon about it. I think it's great I was here for it. Kinda like history in the making.

One of the program coordinators told us that it was a big deal for the country and it was especially nice to beat Russia. Think big bad Yankees vs the lowly Tampa Rays. And it's a hockey nation here. There was a celebration in one of the squares that had the team and lots of drinking and people. I saw part of it while coming back to the hotel this afternoon.

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