Monday, May 24, 2010

Lunch at the Borough

After wallowing for a few hours in the splendor that it is Claridge's Hotel, I headed out for some London fun. Since the last time I was in London I had strep, going to Vinopolis was out. Alcohol and strep throat are NOT a good mix. So that was first on my list of things to do.

I also thought eating before wine would be a good thing. So I headed to the wonder that is the Borough Market. It's like a farmer's market on steroids. When I say there's everything there, believe me....Produce, tea, coffee, meat, eggs, bakers stalls. Then there's wine and sangria stalls. A chocolate shop, ostrich eggs and burgers. Spices and corn tortilla flour and stuff I missed. Samples everywhere. Yummy chicken curry, amazing truffle oil and vingear. I had a ricotta cheese and spinach roll with apple strawberry juice and a chocolate brownie. (The juice was amazing. Bishops has to do that for the season)
Wandered around and talked to people which is always the most fun. Bought some tea grown in Ceylon organically, and orange olive oil. It's made with the oranges someway. Great dressing for salads. And the chocolate. I shouldn't have gone in that shop. Really good stuff.

Sat by the river for a while and added to my collection of pub names. Found one that is supposed to be one of Shakespeare's old haunts. They know that Pepys sat there and watched the Great Fire of 1666 and wrote in his diary. (See literary reference!)

It was such a nice day in London. One of the first nice days they had had so far. Everyone was out. Took some great photos---see?(well on the next post...)

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