Friday, March 25, 2011

What's down the pike

The Untersberg is clouded a bit. I think that's a warning. Closer to the ground it's a wonderful day. Bright and warm.
Just came back from doing the mail and papers. We get the Financial Times, the International Herald Tribune and a few magazines. I really should make time to read them everyday.
I also finished packing all the session materials into storage boxes, since there is some construction going on here and they needed that wall where they lived. Well, actually they needed the space where the wall is.
There's still shelving and shifting to be done after lunch. I still have the YA lists to finish, but it's coming along.
I wish we could have a book sale for this stuff. No, it's not current, but certainly interesting to some young readers. Besides the library needs the money.
Busy weekend ahead. There's session people coming in and there will be lots of activities happening. Some of the sessions sound interesting.

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