Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working for the weekend

I play tourist on the weekend since the city pretty much closes up shop about 6 or so here. The weekend(okay Saturday) is when you can hit the tourist sights and really enjoy the city. Sundays, only the tourist areas are open and not a lot of shops overall. The grocery stores are closed too on Sundays, which to this city kid is odd. Have to plan ahead for Sunday dinner here.
Have made a list of things to do. I crossed off the Festung today. Also I got to tag along on a walking tour of Salzburg for the new session participants. That was very interesting. I really enjoyed walking through the mountain and seeing St. Peter's cemetery. For all you SOM(Sound of Music) fans that's the inspiration for the scene in the movies where the family is hiding in the cemetery in the locked caves. They recreated that on a soundstage, 'cause...cemetery. It's still used to this day. Wonderfully peaceful and artistic there. We even saw the archbishop today.
I like the Geteridegasse as well. The main shopping street in Salzburg from way back. Now there's places like Hermes, Vuitton and McDonald's, but they kept up the wrought iron signs that advertised the business. Probably the classiest Mickey D's sign you'll ever see.

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