Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sound of Music

I haven't written much about the movie.  It has a few connections to the Schloss Leopoldskron.  The first is that Max Reinhardt's son bought the rights to the story and turned it into a movie, no not that one.  Then of course, Max Reinhardt owned the Schloss at one point.  Remember my office was his.  Or more accurately I use his office.  Which is cool since they filmed part of the movie here.  Yes, that one.  The musical one with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.
Mostly in the back by the lake. This is what you see mostly in the movie.
The canoeing scene is the most famous, but there were some exterior shots as well.
Today there was a SOM tour across the lake while we were out on the back patio after lunch.  It's sorta odd to be stared at by the tourists.   
I think we should wave and then break into song.  It's not like they can recognize us or anything.  The tourists are gonna take photos anyway.  But would be funny.  Especially if we all did the arm movements from "So Long Farewell"

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