Monday, March 28, 2011


Climbed to the fortress this weekend. Twice! It's very interesting. High on the hill, it's the symbol of Salzburg. The fort, or in German Festung, was never taken by force in it's 1,000 year history. Came close once, but that was more lack of food than overpowering armies climbing the walls. Because of it's position it can defend itself against a vastly superior force on the ground. The Festung is one reason that Salzburg remained an independent city-state until the Congress of Vienna in 1815. That and the whole salt mining deal.
This photo is taken from the very top of the fort on the viewing platform. Dizzying heights, and windy, but a great view of the city and the river basin.
It's extremely good exercise to climb the hill to the fort. Just like climbing a mountain, except no snow. But my knees aren't always happy.

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