Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seeing Salzburg

I have not been holed up in the library in my almost week here. I've gone out to Salzburg a few times. I had to register with the town officials yesterday afternoon. The town hall is in Schloss Mirabelle. The gardens are lovely. Sunday, as you know, I went to Gaisberg with some of the other interns.
Saturday, Lisa and I went to the market in the center of the old town. That was fun. They have these market stalls in town everyday. Meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, and other things. I got a chocolate pretzel. Oh yum. There's also one with chocolate and jam.
I needed to get a new digital camera, cause mine went all blooey. So Lisa pointed me in the right direction and I did find a shop that had them. You saw the photos, so I think good choice. I walked back past the Dom(the cathedral here) where Mozart played the organ and was baptised. And then I passed the giant modern sculpture of a Man standing on a Mozartklugel ball. So far so good. Then I got lost, as expected.
I couldn't figure out what street led back to the schloss. Finally I gave up and took a cab. But I did see lots of the city. Shops, bridges, stairs, the Dom again, the river and back. It was very frustrating.
Plus all the interns had made plans to go out to the Steigl Brauwelt that's down the street and I wanted to go. Hard to do when you're lost near the cathedral. But I made it back. Oh forgot to mention I found a tea shop. Happy happy! I bought some loose tea(it's really good) a tea mug(Dress Gordon tartan pattern!) and a tea strainer.
We headed out to the Brauwelt down the street. It's the old Steigl brewery, that's now a restaurant and museum. It was a birthday celebration so we all had a good time.

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