Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The library dayz

Been spending my days in the library, of course. Tuesday I cleaned out some more stuff in the library office. Found some interesting stuff, but nothing valuable and historic. Although there was this little crystal cat...and of course the photo of the Prince of Wales. Signed I might add. Dusty, dirty stuff.
Then there was the books. I'm really not a fan of Dewey. I so miss LC. Ah well. Nothing's perfect. I can cheat a bit on some of the things, because they already have records, so I can hijack the numbers. Others go into a 'later' pile. Also sorting out filing cabinets, archive stuff, and adjusting to a routine.
The thing I miss most right now is a real book truck. I have a stopgap measure someone found today. It's more of an AV cart but at least I can stack things on it. Saw some of the archives stuff. It's not as bad as I feared. We need some boxes and folders so I can start getting control of it.
Found some dupes of stuff that I have to find homes for. And I still don't know where to put the new books.
I want it near the library office, but that's gonna be a major shifting project. Problem is the first level is pretty full to begin with.
Ah it'll come. Only my 3rd day, so I have to be patient. I can't do everything at once.
Went for a walk after work to relax. Circled the lake. It's kind of a nice view from across the lake. Lots of guys fishing the lake. And the ducks were out. Did I mention the ducks yet? Lots of them here. Different ones too.

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