Sunday, March 20, 2011


We had made plans to hike the Gaisberg today. So we did. It's a small mountain(a really tall hill) here not far from the Schloss Leopoldskron. It tops off at about 1200 meters which equals a bit over 4,000 feet. The upper paths had snow on them still. Now I know why all the Austrian walkers had those poles...luckily I found a sturdy stick to help along.
It took us about 3 hours to climb, well hike. But we stopped to rest and take photos along the way. It was an amazing day. The sun was out and mostly clear. The mountains we could see are just awesome.
And when we stopped at points higher up, all you could hear was the snow and ice melting. Really. The silence there was just so peaceful.
We made it to the very top! And have the photos to prove it. Plus Larry came along. Yes, he made it to the summit, and insisted on photographic proof. Which I will be adding.
It was a really amazing day. Not just the scenery and the walking, but the company.

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