Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First day

Monday was my first day, officially, of work. I got signed into the office computer, unlocked the doors and got down to library science.

It's sorta inspiring being in this office. I mean if I get bored or frustrated I just swivel around in my chair and look out the window.
Made a few lists of things I need to do. Dusting is there. Which means I'll see the mountain better. I'm going to clear some space for a Max Reinhardt area in the library proper. Lots of his stuff is crammed into the nooks in the office and he deserves better. Kinda thinking he needs a little exhibit. We like Max around here.

I got my first resource assignment for a session! I have a bunch of reports, articles and links to organize for an upcoming seminar on agriculture. I will admit to being a bit overwhelmed at first since I wasn't sure at all how to do it. But with some help that was a phone call away I got started on it.
Also I learned that the stuff in the Meierhof is also part of the library, so I'll organize some time to shelve and do some serial sorting. Two separate spaces, same library.
I also have to shelve and shelf read in the library space. Plus dust off the shelves. It's a bit sneezy in some spots.

So going to be busy for a while.

There's research to be done and lists to be made. Also books to catalog(damn Melvil Dewey)

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