Thursday, April 14, 2011

Green is the word of the day

Everything is suddenly and amazingly green around the schloss.  I didn't notice it until today.  It might be because there aren't a lot of green spaces in Venice.  So when you get to green spaces like here, you notice them more.
There's the deep, dark green that looks almost black of the pine trees, the soft, misty, green of the trees on the island in the lake, and the bright, happy yellow-green of the trees overhanging the lake. 
Even the lake has a green hue today.  Reflections of the trees and spring, yes but it's so intense with everything else.
Like Nature woke up over the weekend and decided to paint a monochrome of green for us to delight in.

Everything but the mountain of course.  It's still got snow on the peak and in the shadows.

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