Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday afternoon in town

It's a majorly beautiful day here in Austria.  Low 20's and the sun is shining and the birds are singing.  Everyone is out riding bikes or walking around.  Oh, that's Celsius.  Makes it about 73 degrees F.

I was going to the zoo, but my feet hurt, so I decided that I wasn't going to walk around today.  Okay, I walked a little. 
I went into town and back.  I decided to see the Getredistrasse, which is the main shopping street in town.  It has lots of stores, cool signs, and it's mostly populated by tourists.  Besides there was pizza!  I did get some t-shirts for friends, but I didn't get chocolate today which was my other goal. 
I was distracted by the Christmas in Salzburg shop.  This time of year it's less Christmasy and more about Easter.   
The ornaments are actual eggs that have been painted, detailed, or just decorated like a Christmas ornament.  It's not actually just for the tourists, although it is a tourist shop(mostly).  They do Easter trees here, so I've heard.  Easter is a very serious business here. 
Instead of baskets they have little egg cartons, so you choose your egg and it is protected.  I kept telling myself I didn't have to buy a dozen even though that's how many the carton was for.
How I'm getting these home is beyond me.  Have to get bubble wrap, I guess, in my suitcase or carry on.

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