Sunday, April 24, 2011

To market, to market.

While I didn't buy a fat pig(jiggity jig)  I did do some shopping at the Green Market on Saturday.  Since Easter dinner at the schloss is shredded pancakes with plum sauce(a traditional Austrian dish) no one was terribly thrilled about that.  I offered to cook, and Andrea offered her place and kitchen as the venue.

It's asparagus season here in Austria.  And asparagus always says to me, spring!  So I figured asparagus and mushroom risotto with prosciutto wrapped asparagus, bread and cheese and whatever else appealed to the interns for dinner.  It's also strawberry season here, so I picked up some fresh Austrian strawberries and blueberries for dessert.  There is also chocolate from Zotter in town.

I love going to markets.  It's a little like the Borough Market in London, but smaller of course.  There are food stands selling sausage, bread, those yummy pretzels, and of course beer.  But there's also flowers, cheese, meat, vegetables(obviously) and bakery items.  I also saw a honey guy with everything from honey to beeswax candles.  That I have to go back and browse.  But I hit the different stalls and got asparagus(3 bunches!), Portabello mushrooms, strawberries, blueberries, 2 kinds of cheese, and the aforementioned prosciutto(San Daniele in case you were wondering)  Oh, and the bread.  Got a baguette deal.  I was kicking myself for getting it at the market, when I could SHOULD have gone to the Bakery at St. Peter's.  It's the oldest in Salzburg and you get bread from a log fired oven.  By the time I finished in the market the bakery was closed.  Ah, well...

The others contributed appetizers and whatever else they fancied.  Should be a good party.  Watch for photos!

I also found the Salzburg salt store!  After all this place is known for their salt.  That's what Salz means in German.  Actually Salzburg means Salt Castle.  Another place I have to go into and browse and buy. I was very excited about it.
Happy Easter everyone!

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