Saturday, April 30, 2011

More photos of the schloss and the Meierhof

Someone requested more photos of the schloss and the Meierhof and the places I hang out.  So without further ado!
The Bierstube, the gym, some more library detail shots, and some people.  Oh not to mention the flamingos.  No, they aren't in a zoo.  And the used to belong to Max Reinhardt.  Okay not THESE ones, but they are descendents of the original flock.  It's so bizarre.  Right next to the pigs on the farm there are these huge pink birds.

 We take our table tennis seriously around here.
 Adam is pretty good too.
 Larry insisted on going to the bierstube.

 Dinner in the White room with Andrea, Adam and Darren.
 The masks of comedy and tragedy in the library.  Like signing it Max was here!  And in fact one of the masks(the one on the left) is Max.
 Some cool ceiling art.
 The courtyard of the Meierhof at night
 The fitness center

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