Sunday, April 24, 2011

Palm Sunday

I finally went to Mass in the Dom, the cathedral here in Salzburg.  It was Palm Sunday Mass, and very interesting.
The tradition here is to bring Palmbuschen to Mass and have them blessed for the garden later on. Palmbuschen are plants put together on long sticks and decorated with ribbons.  They are very pretty and festive.  See?

The Mass doesn't change much from language to language, but I was not sure exactly what they were saying.  Part of it was the language, and part was the first half of Mass was a lot of chanting by the choir. 

It was nice , but I just wish the Dom was warmer.  It's soooo cold in that church. And the decor was not warming.  Lots of beautiful stucco, but white and black, so it feels colder.
 I figured out quickly why the rest of the people were still wearing jackets...

The music was amazing, especially since the Dom holds about 50,000 people and there wasn't any mikes or speakers I could see.  Well, they did keep an eye(ear?) out for those things in the 16th century, so it makes sense.
You could hear them all the way to the back of the nave.   It was worth it.  Besides I like going to Mass, especially in new places.

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