Friday, April 29, 2011

Library news

I haven't written much about the library and my efforts there.  I got permission last week to hold a book sale.  So far I have made about 25 Euros.  Better than nothing at all. 
And I finished cleaning the downstairs shelves and the shifting.  I'm so proud!  Trust me the shelves are cleaner than they have been in YEARS. 
Now you could eat off those shelves.  But it's not recommended. 
I took before and after photos of the shelves I was cleaning....judge for yourself.
The wood still isn't shiny, but it is clean.

The shifting on the bottom floor is all done as well.  I actually have extra room on the last shelves.  I was almost positive I would have to shift up for some things.  It's great, cause that gives me more room for the oversize section I created as well.
It was a project I really wanted to do and it looks great. 

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