Monday, April 11, 2011

Su e Zo per il ponti

This is the annual Venetian up and down the bridges race!  I have wanted to do this for about 10 years!  I finally have the chance to go since it's close.  Okay, not like across the street close, but there's no jet lag involved.  I love Venice, so overnight on the train isn't a huge hardship. 
Except no one wants to come with me.  Or can.  But I'm so excited about going, I know it's the right thing to do.

100 Euros for the train to Venice.  A bit pricy, yes, but going to Boston or D.C in business class on Amtrak isn't much more than that.  I'd get to Venice about 6 am on Sunday so I can go to Mass, do the walk, shop, browse, take photos, meet new people, then come back to Austria in time for work on Monday morning.
It can't be worse than hiking a mountain.  Plus Venice is sea level.  I miss the ocean.
And it's Venice. 

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