Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Venice photos.

Just because I felt like sharing some of the fun ones. And honestly they were too fun to not include somewhere.
I loved the name of this bridge.  There was a Ponte de L'arsenal o del Purgatorio, but no Inferno.  I found the lack of hell in the trio very disappointing.  There were 3 bridges right in a row.  It's only fair the final one was Inferno.  You get all prepared for it, and then nothing.  If they were following a theme they should finish it.  But that's my opinion.
And what can brown do for you?  Only in Venice is the UPS truck a blue, yellow and brown striped boat.

Jeez, make the walk a little narrower, why don't you?  Those of us who are claustrophobic still can breathe!

It's a dog and his boat.  Oh yeah, and the guy with opposable  thumbs.  Venetians love their dogs.

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